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Gain a complete understanding of qualified candidates in a fraction of the time.

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Modern hiring requires modern tools.

Traditional screening methods have become impractical in the current hiring environment.

Hiring teams struggle with skyrocketing applicant volume.

It's impossible to accurately and fairly screen a vast pool of applicants.

Incomplete data leads to uninformed decisions.

Companies are making decisions based on superficial resume reviews, legacy keyword matching, and pre-screening  questionnaires.  This muddies the talent pool with unqualified candidates.

Know more about your applicants on day one.

Talent Llama unlocks capacity in your screening process, drastically reducing overhead and time-to-hire.  We guide you to not just any talent, but the right talent - swiftly and fairly.

Get a clear view of key competencies

Understand each applicant's depth of experience before deciding who moves to the next stage.

Drop in to your existing workflow

Automatically initiate  screening interviews as soon as applicants apply. Move candidates between ATS stages right from Talent Llama.

Interview every candidate consistently and fairly

Conduct unlimited, expertly-crafted, interactive screening interviews. Give every applicant a fair chance to showcase their true talent.

Prepare for the next round

With each completed interview, Talent Llama suggests further areas to explore, better equipping your hiring team for the next round of interviews.

Hear why candidates prefer Talent Llama

Talent Llama's thoughtful questions, natural conversational style, and low-pressure approach leads to an enjoyable screening experience.

"Fair and straightforward"

"I really like this format of the interview process. I feel it's more fair and straightforward. I'm being engaged based on my experience and what I've divulged to you via my resume...”

"Depth of questions"

“I’m particularly impressed with the depth of these questions. It really allowed me to share specific aspects of my work and the impact it had.”

"Comprehensive and engaging"

"The interview process has been comprehensive and engaging. I appreciate the focus on practical experiences which allowed me to showcase how I solve real-world problems."

"Allowed for focused discussion"

"In asking about specific experiences and skills relevant to the job description, it actually showed a clear understanding of the role and allowed for focused discussion."

"It was a pleasure"

“It was a pleasure answering these questions. I’ve never done anything like this, but it was thoroughly enjoyed!”

Screen 100x faster at a third of the cost.

Screen applicants in hours, not weeks
Reduce cost to screen by up to 70%
Qualitative analysis of every  applicant
Automated email invitations
Realtime two-way ATS integration
Customized branding
Monthly subscription
Unlimited seats, up to 5 active job openings
Additional job openings
Scale to fit your needs
Interviews conducted
Includes evaluations & transcripts
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Talent Llama uses your existing job description to understand exactly what type of candidates you're looking for.
2. Start screening
Connect your ATS, or simply upload your candidate resumes. Talent Llama will automatically invite applicants and conduct personalized interviews.
3. Review your results
Understand candidate's strengths and weakness. View detailed scorecards, listen to responses, and explore recommended next steps.

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