Frequently asked questions.

Is Talent Llama a one-way interview?

No, Talent Llama is a real, two-way interactive interview with an AI subject matter expert.

Is Talent Llama just Chat GPT?

No, Talent Llama is an orchestrated conversation engine using multiple AI technologies in concert to provide a real, natural, and intelligent interview experience.

What types of jobs and industries is Talent Llama capable of interviewing for?

Talent Llama is capable of conducting screening interviews for just about any industry! We have seen excellent results in technology, engineering, customer service, sales, healthcare, digital marketing, and more!

Are Talent Llama interviews fair and free of bias?

Talent Llama goes to great lengths to ensure the fairest, most unbiased interviews possible. For instance:

  • Only candidate’s responses are used for grading. Additional information which could potentially introduce bias, including candidate name, work history, location, etc. is not provided to our scoring system.
  • Talent Llama’s voice transcription technology is great at cutting through non-native accents. The actual audio recordings are never used for grading purposes, only the transcripts. This ensures that no bias from a candidate’s accent can creep into scoring.
  • Talent Llama does NOT try and interpret cues from speech patterns, inflection, or other audio information which may be culturally influenced.
How does Talent Llama deal with cheating?

Talent Llama takes a two-pronged approach to cheating. First, we have implemented anti-cheating technology to make the process of cheating more difficult. Secondly, we look for a variety of indicators which help us to determine the probability of the candidate having cheated. This allows us to flag suspicious interviews so you can pay special attention to their answers and audio responses.

Does Talent Llama integrate with my ATS or enterprise platform?

Yes! Talent Llama offers a variety of integrations out of the box. Our integrations team is busy connecting to more and more systems every month, so feel free to request an integration to your platform.

Do you offer discounts bulk pricing?

Yes! Talent Llama can scale to fit the needs of any size organization.  Click here to start a conversation about enterprise pricing packages.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact our support team via email at

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