Ashby Integration

Talent Llama’s integration with Ashby allows hiring teams to automatically import and invite candidates to interview from any stage in the Ashby candidate pipeline. As interviews are completed, recruiters can move top candidates to the next stage or reject them directly from the Talent Llama evaluation screen.
Benjamin Chaikin
5 minute read

Introducing two-way integration with Ashby All-in-one

Talent Llama is proud to announce our latest ATS integration with Ashby All-in-one. Supercharge your existing screening workflow in minutes by tapping directly in to your existing Ashby workflow.

Keep or extend your existing candidate pipeline

Drive automated screening interviews by connecting to one or more stages in your Ashby candidate pipeline. You can feed all new applications directly into Talent Llama in order to use it as a true pre-screening step. Or, if you prefer to keep your existing resume review process, just connect Talent Llama to an Application Review stage. Get fancy and setup a quick pre-screening interview for initial applicants and a later full-blown Talent Llama interview for a later stage - the choice is yours!

Talent Llama can be connected to any stage of your Ashby pipeline

View results right from Ashby

As candidates finish their interviews your Talent Llama results will show up directly in your  candidate feed. Use those results to aid your screening decisions right in Ashby, or click into Talent Llama in order to view full details, interview transcripts, and even listen to the candidate's audio responses.

Efficiently review evaluations

Explore a wealth of information about every candidate after your Talent Llama interviews have been conducted. Read each interview's overview, candidate pros and cons, and detailed scores for each Key Competency. When you're ready to make a decision, you can do it right from the comfort of Talent Llama. Simply move the application forward in your pipeline or archive before moving on to the next evaluation.

Move applications in Ashby directly from Talent Llama

Connect to Ashby in minutes

Connecting Talent Llama to Ashby is as simple as it gets! Check out our detailed integration guide to get up and running in no time!

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