Product Updates

Elevating Fairness, Increasing Transparency, and More Customization in Interviews

Talent Llama's latest product update enhances fairness, transparency, and customization in interviews with improved cheating detection, organized transcripts with quick navigation and full control of the order of interview topics.
Adam Stokar
3 minutes

Before we head out for July 4th, we've launched a handful of updates that bring a host of new features designed to enhance the fairness, transparency, and customization of your interview process. Here's what's new and why you should be excited:

Enhanced Cheating Detection

At Talent Llama, integrity is paramount. Our cheating detection capabilities have been significantly improved to ensure a fair evaluation for all candidates. Candidates can be flagged for possible cheating and given a cheating probability score in the interview results, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Improved Interview Transcripts

We've revamped our transcript feature to make it more organized and user-friendly. Each key competency covered in the interview now has its own section header, making it easier to review specific areas. There's also a new side menu for quick navigation to any key competency answers, saving you time and effort.

Direct Links to Key Competency Answers

Understanding the reasoning behind a candidate's score is now simpler than ever. Each key competency evaluation includes a link that takes you directly to the relevant part of the transcript. This feature provides immediate context, helping you understand why a score was assigned.

Customizable Key Competency Order

We know that every interview is unique, and flexibility is key. You can now control the order of key competencies to align with your specific interview strategy. This ensures that the most critical topics are covered in the sequence that works best for you.

We're excited about these updates and believe they will make a significant difference in your interview process. At Talent Llama, we're committed to providing you with the best tools to identify top talent with confidence and clarity. Happy interviewing!

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